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Hungarian Coco #1 1992

Coco is an anthology comic published in Hungary in 1991 and 1992 by International World Line Magyar-NSZK Kft. (International World Line Hungarian-West Bank Ltd.)  Only four issues were published, but it is the final issue that will be of interested to Star Wars comic fans.  That issue contains a Star Wars cover and six interior pages which start an original adaptation of A New Hope.

Coco #1a - International World Line Magyar-NSZK Kft., Hungary (1992)
The cover artwork shows Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia in front of a visage of Darth Vader.  This artwork is by Martina Pilcerová, who has a scratchy style.  Unfortunately, the artwork only consumes 2/3rds of the cover and the trade dress, including the title, is clearly a product of computer technology from the era.

This next image, taken from the Web, shows page four of the story:

Coco #1a - International World Line Magyar-NSZK Kft., Hungary (1992)
Star Wars: A New Hope page four
You can see from this page that the interior artwork provided by Martina Pilcerová heavily uses photo references.  The Darth Vader images on these pages are lifted from The Empire Strikes Back and other panels are taken from A New Hope.  While the art is not as clean as Attila Fazekas' famous Hungarian adaptation, it is unique.  I would have liked to see more from this adaptation.

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