Thursday, April 30, 2020

Modern Antarctic Press

Steam Wars: First Empire #3 and 4

Unfortunately, the sporadic publishing schedule and lack of a tight narrative for the various Steam Wars titles past the original 5-issue mini-series from Antarctic Press made it impossible for me immerse myself in the world.  The number of characters and threads introduced became too much and I found myself buying the book strictly for the Star Wars imagery alone, not because I was following the stories.  For this reason, I find it easier to talk about the borrowed imagery than about the content of these comics.

I did get a chance to re-read the 4 issues of the First Empire title and I found The Errant Knight in issue #3 the most accessible of the stories.  It starts with Knight Sir Branton, racing across the desert in what looks like an old fashioned car when he comes across a body lying next to a broken down vehicle.  He stops to bury the body and we discover he is being pursued by Count Mekk in an AT-AT inspired vehicle.  The captain of the AT-AT is unsure of the wisdom in pursuing a single fallen knight across the wasteland but Mekk assures him the knight is a danger to the empire.  The AT-AT fires on Sir Branton, destroying his vehicle and Sir Brandon draws his sword which glows with energy like a lightsaber as he faces off against the AT-AT.  The AT-AT fires again and again, but Sir Brandon, utilizing his energy sword, is able to repel the attack and strikes at the AT-AT with lightning from his sword.  The AT-AT explodes and falls to the ground as Count Mekk emerges from the wreckage.

Frustratingly, this story ends on a cliffhanger with Sir Brandon and Count Mekk about to face off.  This confrontation is not shown in issue #4 and I can only guess when the Steam Wars titles ceased publication, the following chapter was never published.

The cover depicts Sir Brandon brandishing his sword as the AT-AT approaches.

Steam Wars: First Empire #3a - Antarctic Press, U.S. (June 2016)
The cover for First Empire #4 shows the same character on the cover of Steam Wars: Princess Legends #1 wearing the same Amidala inspired cold weather gear.

Steam Wars: First Empire #4a - Antarctic Press, U.S. (April 2017)

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