Sunday, April 2, 2017

Retro Foreign: Indonesian Spider-Man: Pahala Dr. Dom

The lead story in this digest-sized Indonesian comic features Doctor Strange and Spider-Man as well as villains Dr. Doom and Dormammu.  The cover shows the title as Pahala Dr. Dom, but the story inside is titled Pahala Dr. Doom or Reward Dr. Doom.  The credits for the story are to Denny O'Neil and F. Miller and I believe the content is from The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #14.  I cannot be sure if the pages are redrawn like many of these Indonesian issues from the era.  The cover is from The Amazing Spider-Man #201 and features the Punisher who does not appear inside.

Spider-Man: Pahala Dr. Dom a - Yayasan Karya Bhakti Bandung, Indonesia (1980s)
contains Star Wars: Planet Kelabu
The backup story in this comic is a Star Wars tale titled Planet Kelabu or Grey Planet.  It is the same content from the comic with the story's title.

Star Wars: Planet Kelabu a - Yayasan Karya Bhakti Bandung, Indonesia (1980s)
original story and cover

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