Friday, September 14, 2018

Modern Yen Press: Star Wars: Lost Stars #1

Star Wars: Lost Stars is a 2015 novel by Claudia Gray and is considered one of the better Star Wars books published during the Disney era.  In 2017 an online manga adaptation of the novel was started by Japanese artist Yūsaku Komiyama.  Even though the adaptation has not been completed online for Japanese readers, Yen Press, a publisher of manga for U.S. readers, released Star Wars: Lost Stars #1 based on Yūsaku Komiyama's work.

Star Wars: Lost Stars #1a - Yen Press, U.S. (May 2018)
Star Wars: Lost Stars #1a - Yen Press, U.S. (May 2018)
back cover
This 256-page, black and white book follows the format of many manga and is read from right to left.  Yen Press is the fifth publisher to release a Star Wars comic in the U.S. in the past couple of years, following Marvel, IDW, Disney-Lucasfilm Press, and Joe Books.

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