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First Appearance

First Appearance K'Kruhk

Star Wars: Jedi Council - Acts of War mini-series introduces several Jedi to the Star Wars lore, but none with the longevity of K'Kruhk.  K'Kruhk, a male Whiphid, is just a Padawan in the series, but by the time of the Clone Wars, he has risen to the rank of a Jedi Knight.

Star Wars: Jedi Council - Acts of War #1b - Dark Horse Comics, U.S. (June 2000)
1st appearance of K'Kruhk
K'Kruhk and Aayla Secura are the only two characters introduced in comic books to appear in Genndy Tartakovsky's Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series.  He is one of the Jedi unfortunate enough to face General Grievous in Grievous' first appearance in any media in the last episode of season 2.  K'Kruhk is seemingly killed in the episode because Grievous claims his lightsaber in the season 3 opener.  Luckily for fans, K'Kruhk survives the encounter and appears in several Star Wars: Republic comics set during the time of the Clone Wars.  K'Kruhk survives Order 66 and receives his first cover appearance in Star Wars: Dark Times #6.

Star Wars: Dark Times #6a - Dark Horse Comics, U.S. (October 2007)
1st cover appearance of K'Kruhk
K'Kruhk is the focus of the Dark Times: Fire Carrier mini-series.  In the series, he, along with Jedi Master Zao, lead a group of young Padawan to safety from an Imperial refugee camp on the planet Arkinnea.  In the final issue of the mini-series, K'Kruhk, Zao, and the Padawan established a community in a valley where an Old Republic Jedi outpost once existed.

Star Wars: Dark Times: Fire Carrier #1a - Dark Horse Comics, U.S. (February 2013)
Star Wars: Dark Times: Fire Carrier #5a - Dark Horse Comics, U.S. (June 2013)
Presumably K'Kruhk remains in hiding during the time of Imperial rule and he next appears during the Legacy era to help Cade Skywalker, a descendant of Luke Skywalker.

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