Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Retro Dark Horse

Star Wars: Dark Empire Preview

A comic preview is usually published before the release of a particular series or an upcoming trade paperback that collects individual issues.  Sometimes a preview can be released to coincide with an event to draw attention to an older publication that might be peripherally related.  None of these appear to be the case for the Star Wars: Dark Empire Preview published by Dark Horse in March 1996.  The original 6-issue mini-series started publication in December 1991 and the first edition of the trade paperback was released in May 1993.  The preview was also not timed to be released with either of the sequel mini-series.  Dark Empire II #1 was released in December 1994 and the trade paperback followed in September 1995.  Empire's End #1 was published in October 1995 with the trade paperback appearing in September 1997.  Hasbro includes 4 action figures based on the Dark Empire title in their Expanded Universe sub-line but those were not released until 1998.  Was the preview published to coincide with the release of the Dark Empire II hardcover the same month?

The entire comic, including the cover, is printed on newsprint.  It is priced at $0.99 and has the same cover artwork as Dark Empire #1.

Star Wars: Dark Empire Preview a - Dark Horse Comics, U.S. (March 1996)
Regardless of why Dark Horse publishing this preview when they did, when it came out, the trade paperback was on it's 2nd edition.  The trade paperback was clearly a good seller for Dark Horse and a 3rd edition was released in 2003.

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