Saturday, April 25, 2015

Marvel Multiple Printings

Marvel's newest Star Wars line has been selling extremely well and they have gone back to print multiple times on several issues.  Here are the reprints that have already shipped or been announced:

TitleIssuePrintingShip Date
Star Wars12nd02/04/2015
Star Wars13rd02/25/2015
Star Wars14th04/01/2015
Star Wars15th05/06/2015
Star Wars22nd03/11/2015
Star Wars23rd04/15/2015
Star Wars24th05/27/2015
Star Wars32nd05/06/2015
Darth Vader12nd04/01/2015
Darth Vader13rd05/06/2015
Darth Vader22nd04/01/2015
Darth Vader23rd05/06/2015
Darth Vader32nd04/29/2015
Darth Vader42nd05/20/2015
Princess Leia12nd04/22/2015
Princess Leia22nd05/06/2015
Kanan Last Padawan12nd05/06/2015

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