Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Retro Marvel: Return of the Jedi Trade Paperback

Marvel Comics was caught by surprise with the success of Star Wars and it took them several months to respond with different formats of the story including a paperback and treasuries.  By the time The Empire Strikes Back came out, Marvel was ready for the movie release with a paperback, treasury, and magazine version of the story to capitalize on the excitement for the movie.  This was no different for Return of the Jedi, except Marvel ceased publishing the treasury format by the time Return of the Jedi came out in 1983.  The last treasuries Marvel released in 1982 were for G.I. Joe, Annie (based on the movie), and Smurfs.  Instead of a treasury for Return of the Jedi, Marvel published a trade paperback.

Marvel Books Return of the Jedi - Marvel Comics, U.S. (1983)
The trade paperback cover uses the same art found on the cover of the paperback.  I cannot be the only collector who wished Marvel had released a treasury for the Return of the Jedi.

The Marvel Books Return of the Jedi Trade Paperback can be found for $10 - 20 in NM condition.

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