Saturday, May 16, 2015

Retro Foreign: Canadian Droids #1

What makes Canadian and British pence copies unique among foreign Star Wars editions is they are printed on the same presses as the U.S. editions.  At times over the years, Marvel Comics felt it was necessary to print a different cover for Canadian newsstand copies to account for the different valuation between a U.S. and Canadian dollar.  Marvel Star Wars #64 - 107 all have Canadian newsstand copies as well as Star Wars Annuals #2 and 3, Return of the Jedi #1 - 4, Marvel Movie Showcase #1 and 2, Ewoks #1 - 14, and Droids #1 - 8.  Because of the lower Canadian population and the shift from newsstand to direct, these Canadian editions are harder to find than their U.S. counterparts.

The only difference between the Canadian edition and the U.S. edition is the cover price.  The Canadian edition of Droids #1 is priced at $0.95 where the U.S. edition is priced at $0.75.

Droids #1a - Marvel Comics (Star Comics), Canada (April 1986)

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