Thursday, May 14, 2015

Star Wars (2015) #1 Four Color Grails exclusive

Four Color Grails is a comic variant subscription service that started in March 2015.  In their first months offering of 4 variant comics was another Star Wars #1 variant that was not included on many of the Star Wars #1 variant checklists that were available on the web.  This Star Wars #1 variant features the same art as the J. Scott Campbell 1:50 variant, but is in black and white.

Star Wars #1i - Marvel Comics, U.S. (January 2015)
J. Scott Campbell 1:50 variant
Star Wars #1aa - Marvel Comics, U.S. (March 2015)
Four Color Grails exclusive
The Four Color Grails Star Wars exclusive is still available from Four Color Grails website bundled with the other 3 variants from March 2015 in their shop.  Their price is $44.99 for the 4 variant comics, which should be the ceiling for the price for their Star Wars variant for the time being.

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