Tuesday, August 11, 2015

July Another Strong Month For Star Wars

The Comics Chronicles has released the July estimated sales and two of the Star Wars titles are showing they are going to be perennial top 10 titles for the foreseeable future.

TitleIssueMonthly RankEstimated Sales
Star Wars: Lando12192,949
Star Wars74160,000
Darth Vader76114,349
Princess Leia51577,465
Kanan: The Last Padawan42852,260

Star Wars: Lando debuted to strong numbers and placed 2nd on the charts.  This makes Lando #1 the 4th best selling Star Wars issue from Marvel in the modern era, behind Star Wars #1 and 4 and Darth Vader #1.  Initial reactions to the 1st issue were positive and it is likely the Lando mini-series will finish stronger than the Princess Leia mini-series which received a less positive reception.

Since the main Star Wars and Darth Vader titles both have over 6 months of sales data, some observation can be made.  Retailers under-ordered the 2nd and 3rd issues of both these titles and over-ordered the 4th issue in April attempting to correct the mistake.  Princess Leia benefited from this over-ordering in April as well with higher sales numbers on the 3rd issue.  It is unlikely either title will ever match the sales for the 1st issues, but both titles gained about 6,000 more sales in July over June.  For the main title, this means sales are roughly where the sales were for the 2nd and 3rd issues.  This gain puts Darth Vader's sales in July above the sales for the 2nd issue.  If retailers find the proper sales level for these titles close to where they currently are, the main Star Wars title will have unseated Batman as the number 1 ongoing monthly title.

Kanan: The Last Padawan shed only 4,000 copies from last month, so it looks like this title is close to stabilizing it's sales.  If Kanan settings between 40,000 and 50,000 copies, this will be a huge win for Marvel.  Dark Horse put out a Clone Wars series based on the Clone Wars animated show and that title was cancelled after 12 months due to low sales.

Take a look at the Star Wars Sales Estimate tab above and please read the blog posting July 2015 comics sales estimates online; Archie #1 tops 100k copies.

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