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Classic Cover Comparison: Star Wars #7 and la Guerra de las Galaxias #4 (Ediciones Vértice)

Marvel's Star Wars #7 has a cover that features Han Solo and Chewbacca on a backwater world fighting for survival.  It is a scene that one can imagine is common for this pair of smugglers.  Han kneels and fires his blaster with the proficiency of a seasoned fighter and Chewbacca uses his bare hands to vanquish their foes.  (Chewbacca's bowcaster was nowhere as powerful in the original trilogy as it is depicted in The Force Awakens.)

Star Wars #7a - Marvel Comics, U.S. (January 1978)
All 9 Ediciones Vértice published la Guerra de las Galaxias magazine-sized comics have art based on the U.S. covers.  These redrawn covers only have minor changes from their U.S. counterparts and unless someone is familiar with the originals, it is easy enough to overlook the differences.  la Guerra de las Galaxias #4 which is based on Star Wars #7 is a good example of this.

la Guerra de las Galaxias #4a - Ediciones Vértice, Spain (December 1981)
Star Wars #7 and 8
The cover to la Guerra de las Galaxias #4 can be the same scene shown on Star Wars #7 but just a few moments later.  Han is still firing away but now his fist is clenched in determination to finish the fight.  Chewbacca has dropped one foe and is now pointing out the danger to Han that is approaching.  Chewbacca effortlessly hoists his second foe higher, as if he is about to toss him into the oncoming crowd.

It is a very good redrawing of the original cover.  The rendering of the planet in the sky is nicer and the color choices for the alien Chewbacca is holding are more realistic.  Where the original cover is superior is in the choice of color used for the wrecked buildings in the background.  The grey on the original Marvel cover allow the characters to pop, whereas Han Solo is lost on the lighter yellowish backdrop on the Spanish cover.  It is for this reason that I prefer the original cover.

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