Monday, January 4, 2016

Retro Foreign: Chinese Star Wars Lianhuanhua (12 Days of Boba Fett Covers)

Celebrating day eleven of the 12 days of Boba Fett covers!

The latest Chinese Star Wars lianhuanhua added to my collection is the issue that received all the press in 2014 when Maggie Greene published the blog A Long Time Ago in a China Far, Far Away ...  This lianhuanhua was also translated by Nick Stember and I highly recommend you take a look.  I've showcased these Chinese treasures in earlier blogs, but it is important to note this is the oldest published Star Wars lianhuanhua.

星球大战 - China (1980)
A New Hope adaptation
All through the adaptation, several characters from the Empire Strikes Back are shown: Boba Fett, 2-1B, IG-88, and Bossk.  Imperial Stormtroopers are clad in the same armor as Boba Fett.  Imperial officers wear armor that look like 2-1B, the surgical droid that oversaw Luke Skywalker's care after his run in with the Wampa on Hoth.  IG-88 and Bossk also serve a role in the Imperial military.  This comic is a wildly imaginative visual treat for fans of Star Wars.

Using the Boba Fett design in the role of an Imperial Stormtrooper is actually poetic.  The original Fett armor was white since it was design for Imperial "super troopers".  Later on, as the Empire Strikes Back script progressed, Fett was turned into a bounty hunter and the color scheme for the armor changed.

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