Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

Today marks the beginning of the 3rd year for this blog.  In the past 2 years we've seen the Star Wars comic license revert to Marvel and Star Wars comics dominate sales for much of early 2015.  The Force Awakens was released to theaters in December 2015, bringing a C-3PO one-shot, a movie adaptation, and an ongoing Poe Dameron comic in 2016.  Recently, Marvel ended one of their flagship Star Wars titles, Darth Vader, to make way for Doctor Aphra, a comic based on a Marvel original character.

Rebels is half way through its 3rd season and the start of the season saw the promotion of Grand Admiral Thrawn from the Expanded Universe to current continuity.  Rogue One opened just a week ago at the top of the box office.  It will no doubt prove a success for Disney opening up the possibilities for more Star Wars anthology stories beyond those already announced.  Star Wars is turning 40 years old in May!  With so much going on in that galaxy far, far away, 2017 is shaping up to be another banner year for Star Wars including the comics.  Darth Maul is set to star in his first Marvel mini-series and Yoda is taking center stage in the main Star Wars title.  Additionally Marvel has announce it will publish 48 variant covers to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the original Star Wars film.

It shouldn't surprise anyone if Marvel publishes an adaptation of Rogue One during the year and I wouldn't rule out characters from the Rebels television series getting a mini-series led by the enigmatic Thrawn.  With the sequel to The Force Awakens scheduled for release on December 15, 2017, Marvel probably has another prequel title like Shattered Empire in the works as well.  Regardless if any of this comes to pass or not, one thing is clear, there are new Star Wars titles coming as Marvel expands beyond the original trilogy characters.

There is so many more Star Wars comics that need to be featured in this blog, both the old and new, domestic and foreign.  I want to thank the readers who compel me to write about the four color exploits of our favorite movie characters.  Knowing there is an audience keeps me motivated and there is no end to the comics I want to share.  Thank you for reading for the past 2 years and I hope you continue to come back to read more.

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  1. Many thanks Ron for all the great posts you have provided on Star Wars. I hope you have a merry Christmas and that you post lots more info in the new year.