Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Modern Marvel: Star Wars (2015) #1 Sara Pichelli Variant

When Marvel reacquired the license for Star Wars comics, they capitalized on the excitement by releasing over 70 different covers for the first issue in January 2015.  None of the covers are directly applicable to the story inside the issue, but that is normal for comics from Marvel these days.  Since the covers contain a wide range of iconic images from the original Star Wars trilogy, it would only be natural for at least one of these covers to focus on the romantic relationship between Han Solo and Princess Leia.  Sara Picelli provide the artwork for one such cover.  This variant was initially distributed in a 1:20 ratio to the standard cover.

Star Wars #1f - Marvel Comics, U.S. (January 2015)
Sara Picelli variant
This need to publish so many variant covers has definitely led to some interesting and impractical pieces.  On this cover, Han and Leia are together with weapons in hand after presumably taking out a squad of the Emperor's Royal Guards.  To add to the intrigue, the window in the background suggests they are on the Death Star II.  It is a strange cover not based on any scene from any of the movies, made even more bizarre by Han and Leia posing for a photo op!  Sara is an able artist and it is unfortunate someone at Marvel didn't do a better job reviewing the artwork that was submitted.

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