Saturday, August 12, 2017

Star Wars Remains Marvel's Top Selling Ongoing Comic in July

Issue #33 shipped in July and, despite numerous new #1s from Marvel monthly over the past few years, Star Wars remains Marvel's top selling ongoing comic, an accomplishment it has achieved for nearly 3 years now.  Granted, from month to month, the new #1s will rank higher than Star Wars (in July, Astonish X-Men #1 is ranked 2nd while Star Wars #33 is ranked 7th), but in subsequent months, those titles drop below Star Wars in the unit sales ranking.  What makes this astonishing is the Star Wars title has been losing unit sales over time, which is not unusual for a title finishing up its 3rd year of publication.  With only 33 issues, Star Wars is still one of Marvel longer running titles being published because of Marvel's constant rebooting and renumbering of their superhero offerings.  Could the Star Wars title's resilience be attributed to the idea that it has not been rebooted since Marvel reacquired the license?  Is rebooting now harming a title's chance for success more than if the title was allowed to continue, albeit with a different creative team, a different direction, or both?

Comichron released the July 2017 preliminary numbers in their post Dark Days top comic as July fails to match 2016's Rebirth-charged numbers; year-to-date orders fall to 2014 levels.

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