Monday, November 6, 2017

Fan-Made: Japanese After Order 66: Case of Wolffe

The Comic Market or Comiket is a gathering of thousands of self-publishing groups that takes place at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center.  Started in 1975, the event now attracts over half a million attendees and sees sales of over 8 million doujinshis or self-published books.  Mollo, a Japanese artist who uses the pseudonym Trash 1, was invited to attend Comiket C91 and self-published a well received comic titled After Order 66: Case of Wolffe.  Commander Wolffe is a clone trooper introduced in "Rising Malevolence" the second episode of season one of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series.  He appears in several episodes of that series and is also featured in two episodes of the Star Wars: Rebels animated series.

After Order 66: Case of Wolffe a (December 2016)
Commander Wolffe is shown on the front cover of this unofficial fan-made comic.  The book is slightly larger than a standard comic, measuring 7" x 10".  This 44-page manga has black and white interior pages and comes with a thick cover.  The word balloons are in English and Japanese.  This is an extremely well made comic and while the artist is considered an amateur, the artwork looks professional.

A followup comic, After Order 66: Case of Rex, was offered at Comiket C92 in August 2017 and is available for order online at Etsy.

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