Sunday, November 12, 2017

Fan-Made: Japanese After Order 66: Case of Rex

Mollo's second Star Wars comic, After Order 66: Case of Rex, was released at Comiket C92 in August 2017.  This self-published, unofficial fan-made comic is manga style.  It is slightly larger than a standard comic, measuring 7" x 10", and contains 64 black and white pages.  Like Order 66: Case of Wolffe, the dialogue is in both English and Japanese.

Captain Rex is arguably the best known clone trooper, having appeared in 66 episodes (was this done on purpose?) of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series and over 20 episodes of Star Wars Rebels animated show.  He was introduced in The Clone Wars film that led into the television show.  The story inside the comic chronicles events after Order 66 was executed and includes significant appearances by Ahsoka Tano as well as Darth Vader.  The story ends with Captain Rex, Captain Gregor, and Commander Wolffe all aboard a spacecraft and fits nicely into canon.  These three clone troopers would appear together years later on the planet Seelos in the episode "The Lost Commanders" in the 3rd episode of the 2nd season of the Rebels animated series.

After Order 66: Case of Rex a (August 2017)
The sturdy cover is a profile of Captain Rex.  I'm hoping Mollo's next comic will be about Captain Gregor to complete the series about the trio of clone troopers that survived together for many, many years.

Mollo maintains a blog on Tumlr that you can visit to learn more about his artwork.  After Order 66: Case of Rex can be ordered at Etsy.

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