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Classic Cover Comparison: Ewoks #3 and Ewoks #1 (Brazil)

The Ewoks animated series had 35 episodes across two seasons in 1985 and 1986.  It was produced by Nelvana who were responsible for the animated short The Story of the Faithful Wookiee shown in the 1978 television show The Star Wars Holiday Special.  While the Ewoks series did not last long, it did spawn a slew of merchandise, including a comic title from Marvel's all-age Star Comics imprint.

The Ewoks series only lasted 14 issues.  None of the stories are remember-able including Flight to Danger in Ewoks #3.  Wicket, Princess Kneesaa, and Teebo are chosen to be the guests of honor during the Ewok's Harvest Ceremony.  This recognition means they have to fly to the forest to harvest magic wood that is used to construct their hang gliders.  When they get to the forest, they discover the wood has already been cut down by the savage Quorks.  They escape the Quorks with their hang gliders, only to be attacked by a Devil Beast.  The Devil Beast captures Wicket and forces the other two Ewoks to land, but the Devil Beast and Wicket are captured by the Quorks.  The Quorks take Wicket and the magic wood to their king, Marlox, who orders Wicket to make him a hang glider with the wood.  Wicket refuses and Kneesaa and Teebo are captured trying to free Wicket.  Wicket and Teebo are forced to make a hang glider for the king after the Quorks threaten Kneesaa with the Devil Beast.  Upon completion of the glider, the Quorks begin fighting among themselves, prompting Wicket and Teebo sneak away, stealing the magic wood and escaping on their gliders.  Wicket and Teebo return to free Kneesaa, evade the Devil Beast, and return home with the magic wood.

Ewoks #3a - Marvel Comics, U.S. (September 1985)
The cover for Ewoks #3 shows the Devil Beast capturing Wicket while the Quorks have Princess Kneesaa tied up below.  In the background, Teebo is flying his hang glider.  This is actually a combination of two scenes in the story, the one where Wicket is captured by the Devil Beast and later when the Quorks use the Devil Beast to threaten Kneesaa.

Ewoks #1a - Editora Abril, Brazil (1989)
contains Ewoks #3
Ewoks #1 published by Editora Abril for Brazilian readers contains the same story as the U.S. Ewoks #3.  The cover is different however, showing the Devil Beast attacking a tied up Kneesa while Wicket prepares to throw a spear.  In the background, Teebo is flying his hang glider.

The Brazil cover does not show the dual threat of the Quorks and the Devil Beast.  In addition, on the U.S. cover, the Devil Beast is drawn larger and is therefore more menacing, which makes the U.S. cover a better representation of the events in the book.

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