Friday, December 15, 2017

We all go a little mad sometimes.

I'm sure some of you noticed there have been several large gaps in my postings over the last few months.  My mom died in October and that took away some of my enthusiasm and I found myself on more than one occasion just staring at the computer screen, unable to gather my thoughts.  Just this week, I took a business trip to San Jose and did not prepare anything for me to post about.  Rest assured, I am getting back on track and plan to get back to five or so postings a week.

With that said, on 12/21, I will be starting my 4th year of postings.  I also am quickly approaching my 700th posting.  My original intent was to have the anniversary and the 700th posting coincide, but that is not looking possible anymore.

Over this weekend, I plan on getting caught up on the monthly analysis I've been doing concerning the sales of Star Wars comics.

Finally, I just got back from watching The Last Jedi this evening with my family and we really loved it.  I know I shouldn't based on some of the feedback I'm seeing from longtime fans, apparently their love of Star Wars has been destroyed twice now, first by the prequels and now by this movie.  Rotten Tomatoes is showing an audience score of 56%, presumably from hardcore fans who saw the movie already.  I don't get it since I enjoyed the prequels and feel The Last Jedi is a terrific addition to the series.  I encourage everyone to see the movie and judge for themselves.

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