Monday, June 15, 2015

Marvel's Reprints to Date

Two new Marvel Star Wars issues will be going back to print; Star Wars #4 has a 2nd printing and Princess Leia #2 has a 3rd printing coming on 07/15/2015.  Here are the printings to date:

TitleIssuePrintingShip Date
Star Wars12nd02/04/2015
Star Wars13rd02/25/2015
Star Wars14th04/01/2015
Star Wars15th05/06/2015
Star Wars16th07/08/2015
Star Wars22nd03/11/2015
Star Wars23rd04/15/2015
Star Wars24th05/27/2015
Star Wars25th06/24/2015
Star Wars32nd05/06/2015
Star Wars33rd07/01/2015
Star Wars42nd07/15/2015
Star Wars62nd07/08/2015
Darth Vader12nd04/01/2015
Darth Vader13rd05/06/2015
Darth Vader14th07/08/2015
Darth Vader22nd04/01/2015
Darth Vader23rd05/06/2015
Darth Vader24th06/24/2015
Darth Vader32nd04/29/2015
Darth Vader33rd06/24/2015
Darth Vader42nd05/20/2015
Darth Vader43rd06/24/2015
Princess Leia12nd04/22/2015
Princess Leia22nd05/06/2015
Princess Leia23rd07/15/2015
Princess Leia32nd06/10/2015
Kanan Last Padawan12nd05/06/2015

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