Monday, November 9, 2015

Retro Foreign: Philippine Alemar's Star Wars #3

Here is the Philippine Alemar's Star Wars #3.

Star Wars #3a - Alemar's, Philippines (1980 - 1985?)
contains Star Wars #3
I have two complete copies in my collection.

Star Wars #3a - Alemar's, Philippines (1980 - 1985?)
two complete copies
Both copies are very rough along the spine and have rusty staples.  Rusty stables are caused by oxidization due to moisture in the air.  Neither copy has ink marks.  The copy on top in the picture has bad color registration, meaning the colors are misaligned with the artwork which can be seen with the fuzzy BATTLE ON THE DEATH STAR! text.  The other cover has good registration, resulting in sharper text.

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