Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Speculation Spotlight: Vader Down #1 Chip Zdarsky Jaxxon Spotlight Variant

Bleeding Cool has been tracking sales of the 1 in 4999 Star Wars: Vader Down #1 Chip Zdarsky Jaxxon Spotlight variant.  This variant has Jaxxon in color and the rest of the cover in black and white.  The regular Chip Zdarsky cover, which was ordered by retailers in unlimited numbers, is all in color.  It is rumored that only 12 copies of this 1:4999 cover exists.  Wonderland Comics originally priced a copy at $4999.99 and dropped that price to $3999.99 which then sold on eBay.

Two copies are currently up for sale on eBay from Larry's Comics and Mile High Comics.  Dynamic Forces has 3 of their 4 copies left for sale on their site for $3800 and are making the claim this is possibly THE holy grail of Star Wars comic collectibles!!!

Mile High Comics owner Chuck Rozanski wrote in his latest newsletter:

Just yesterday morning our friend, Dennis Barger, of QuickStop and Wonderworld comic, in Michigan sold his only copy of the incredibly limited Zdarsky Black & White Variant edition of STAR WARS: VADER DOWN #1 on eBay for slightly under $4,000!  Can you believe a brand new comic book sold for FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS?  What is even more remarkable is that $4,000 may actually prove to be low, as the only way that any retailer could receive a copy of this ultra-rare variant was to purchase 4,999 copies! of STAR WARS: VADER DOWN #1 (at a cost of approximately $10,500)  As a result, this one variant will probably turn out to be the single rarest Marvel STAR WARS comic book ever published.  It is rumored by Bleedingcool to only be 12 total copies worldwide!

So, what do you think?  Will a manufactured collectible like this Star Wars variant be considered THE holy grail of Star Wars comics?  Is this comic going to replace a Star Wars #1 $0.35 price variant as top dog domestically?  At least Chuck Rozanski qualifies his statement about this being the rarest Marvel Star Wars comic ever published.  Currently, there are several foreign Star Wars comics that have less copies known worldwide.

You can read the original article titled Chip Zdarsky Star Wars Vader Down #1 Spotlight Variant On Sale For $10,000.  Then you can read more with This Man Just Sold A Copy Of Star Wars: Vader Down #1 For $4000. Well There Are Only 12 Copies In Print. and Dynamic Forces Had 4 Of The 1:4999 Vader Down Variants For $3800. Still 3 Left.

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