Monday, December 7, 2015

Retro Archie: Mad House Comics #111

Mad House Comics #111 was published by Archie Comics with a cover date of February 1978.  This coincides with the date on Spidey Super Stories #31 which has a Star Wars movie poster homage on the cover and a story titled Star Jaws.  Howard the Duck's famous 2-part Star Wars parody starts in issues #22 with a date of March 1978.

I am unaware of any pamphlet-sized comic book with an earlier date than Mad House Comics #111 and Spidey Super Stories #31 that contains a Star Wars reference on the cover.  Mad, Cracked, and Crazy all have multiple Star Wars covers, with Cracked having a whopping 5 covers before the end of 1978 and its first cover having a cover date of November 1977, preceding the other 2 magazines' Star Wars covers.

Mad House Comics #111a - Archie Comics, U.S. (February 1978)
Star Wars on cover
In addition to caricatures of R2-D2 and C-3PO on the cover, there is also a 2 panel joke inside the comic that contains another C-3PO parody that is a closer resemblance to the character we love.

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