Friday, December 4, 2015

Retro Foreign: French Star Wars Comics Collector #1

French publisher Editions Delcourt took over publishing the Star Wars comics from Dark Horse France in 1999.  Dark Horse France started publishing comics in 1991 but stopped in 1998 after it went bankrupt.  When the Stars Wars comic license reverted to Marvel Comics in the U.S. in 2015, Panini Comics was given the license in France to translate and publish the Marvel comics.  Editions Delcourt retained the rights to publish the Dark Horse comics.

Like Dark Horse in the U.S., Editions Delcourt published the vintage Marvel Star Wars comics for French readers.  One series they published that incorporated comics from Marvel, Marvel U.K., and Dark Horse was called Star Wars Comics Collector which was published under the imprint Editions Atlas.  The Dark Horse comics used in this series include: Star Wars Tales, Classic Star Wars, Classic Star Wars: The Early Adventures, and Star Wars: Empire.  The Marvel U.K. comics include those that were not originally published in the U.S.  This series ran from February 2010 until February 2013 and includes 80 issues and a special.

Each issue contains approximately 2 complete U.S. issues, but some of the comics contain half of a Dark Horse issue or a story from the Star Wars Tales anthology.  Star Wars Comic Collector #1 is 48 pages and comprised of Star Wars #1 and 2.  The cover used is from Star Wars #1.

Star Wars Comics Collector #1a - Editions Delcourt, France (February 2010)
Along with the comic is a 1 sheet ad for the next 2 issues in this series.

Star Wars Comics Collector 1 sheet ad for #2 and 3
Also with the comic is two pamphlets advertising this series, a large and small-sized pamphlet.  These pamphlets are covered with imagery from the movie adaptation.

Star Wars Comics Collector large-sized pamphlet
Star Wars Comics Collector large-sized pamphlet (back)
Star Wars Comics Collector small-sized pamphlet
Star Wars Comics Collector small-sized pamphlet (back)
My good friend Matt from the Foreign Comic Collector Forums has told me he believes this first issue came sealed in a blister pack and also contains a supplemental 16 page comic.  The issues I purchased while in France all came in regular comic bags, so I did not see the original packaging.  I would love to see a picture of this packaging as well as find out more about the supplemental 16 page comic.

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