Sunday, February 21, 2016

Retro Dark Horse: Star Wars: Knight Errant #3

Star Wars: Knight Errant was a joint venture by publishers Dark Horse and Del Rey.  In Knight Errant, John Jackson Miller conceives a story set over a thousand years before the Battle of Yavin.  It is a period where Sith Lords are fighting among each other in the Outer Rim and a generation before Darth Bane would institute the Rule of Two.  The story centers on Kerra Holt, a female Jedi, who helps the citizens of the Outer Rim caught in the struggle between Sith Lords.

Star Wars: Knight Errant #3a - Dark Horse Comics, U.S. (December 2010)
The cover to Star Wars: Knight Errant #3 should look familiar to longtime Star Wars fans.  It is based on the 1975 Ralph McQuarrie painting showing Deak Starkiller (Luke Skywalker) versus Darth Vader.  It is one of the paintings that was used to convince 20th Century Fox to fund the Star Wars movie.

Deak Starkiller versus Darth Vader by Ralph McQuarrie (February 1975)
On the Star Wars: Knight Errant #3 cover, Deak Starkiller is replaced by Kerra Holt and Darth Vader is replaced by Sith Lord Odion.  Sith Lord Odion is responsible for the the death of the young Kerra's family ten years earlier as well as the devastation to her homeworld of Aquilaris in the Outer Rim.  The duel between Kerra and Odion takes place on The Spike, Odion's mobile space station.

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  1. Good find! I just got into Knight Errant and I knew I'd seen this image before. Great blog btw! Keep up the good work.