Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Retro Foreign: Star Wars: la Guerra de las Galaxias #3 (Ediciones Surco)

The third issue of Star Wars: la Guerra de las Galaxias from publisher Ediciones Surco has perhaps the wildest cover in this 8 issue run.  Star Wars: la Guerra de las Galaxias #3 contains Marvel Star Wars #23 and 24.

Star Wars: la Guerra de las Galaxias #3a - Ediciones Surco, Spain (July 1983)
Star Wars #23 and 24
The title on the cover Vuelo a la Furia! translates to Flight Into Fury! which is the last chapter in The Wheel saga contained in Star Wars #23.  But that is the only thing on this cover that has anything to do with the content of the comic.  Chewbacca not only has a bandolier, but he is also sporting a belt with pouches and a rifle.  I'm guessing the artist is not fond of drawing feet, because Chewbacca's legs melt into what I presume is a mound of dirt.  (A belt full of pouches and a lack of feet reminds me of a certain U.S. artist.)  Behind Chewbacca is R2-D2.  Farther back is Han Solo wielding a Lightsaber!

In Star Wars #23, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia are using Senator Greyshade's private yacht to escape from the Imperial spaceships closing in on The Wheel.  In Star Wars #24, a standalone story titled Silent Drifting has Obi-Wan Kenobi traveling on a large pleasure cruiser which is pursued by Merson ships.  The spaceship in the background on the cover to Star Wars: la Guerra de las Galaxias #3 bears no resemblance to any of these ships.  The ship does look a little like the Space Battleship Yamato though.

It is surprising for a Star Wars comic published in 1983 to have so many mistakes.  By 1983, Star Wars is certainly a well known property in Europe.  I could understand a cover like this coming out in 1977 or even 1978 in a western country.  In a non-western country that never showed the movie in theaters this cover would make sense.  But in Spain, at such a late date, it is a truly interesting visual.

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