Saturday, February 13, 2016

Retro Foreign: Star Wars: la Guerra de las Galaxias #2 (Ediciones Surco)

The second issue of Star Wars: la Guerra de las Galaxias from publisher Ediciones Surco reminds me of a classic cover from Marvel's distant past, the cover to Captain America #1.  With a cover date of March 1941, that classic cover shows Captain America punching Hitler.  It was a bold move for the publisher Timely Comics since the U.S. had not even entered into World War II yet.

While not as historic, Star Wars: la Guerra de las Galaxias #2 shows Luke Skywalker punching Darth Vader!  A similar scene does occur inside the comic but the confrontation is taking place inside Luke's thoughts.

Star Wars: la Guerra de las Galaxias #2a - Ediciones Surco, Spain (June 1983)
Star Wars #21 and 22
The panel this is based on is on page 7 of Star Wars #21.

Star Wars #21a - Marvel Comics, U.S. (March 1979)
page 7
As you can see, the panel inside Star Wars #21 does not actually show Luke Skywalker decking Darth Vader, but he is wrestling for Vader's Lightsaber instead.  A page later, he does get control of the Lightsaber and strikes Vader down.  In both pictures, Luke is leaping and Vader is forced back.  Yes, Carmine Infantino did have a tendency to draw some long locks on our young hero as you can see in the other panels on the page!  And you have to appreciate how fit this farm boy is, no doubt due to the rugged upbringing.

The cover to Star Wars: la Guerra de las Galaxias #2 is so cool, I can forgive the many flaws with the art.  The angle Luke is attacking Vader would put Luke right at Vader's feet when he makes the leap.  And Vader's bicep on the arm holding the Lightsaber is so long as to be inhuman.  I suspect the artist drew Luke Skywalker first and was so happy with the results (the figure is nicely drawn), he had to make some adjustments to Infantino's Darth Vader (which the Vader figure is clearly based on) to fit.  The only change I would have liked on this cover is a black, star filled background.

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