Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Rogue One Prequel Comic Cancelled?

Before Rogue One is to hit theaters, Marvel plans to publish a Rogue One 3-part mini-series as well as a one-shot.  Now, word is coming from that preorders are being cancelled.  Since the individual issues have not been solicited by Diamond Comics, I'm guessing the preorders that are being cancelled are for the trade paperback because the retailer mentioned in the article is Amazon, better known for selling trade paperbacks and not individual issues.

Marvel had solicited the C-3PO one-shot that told the origin of the red arm for release in December 2015, before The Force Awakens was to open in theaters.  It was not actually released until April 2016.  While the situation is not completely the same (Marvel had not solicited the Rogue One mini-series yet), the reasons behind the Rogue One cancellations at Amazon may be similar.  Marvel's script for the C-3PO one-shot had not been approved by Lucasfilm in time for the comic to hit it's original release date.

I would not count out getting a Rogue One prequel yet.  The circumstances surrounding the cancellation is still unknown and this may turn out to be just a delay, like the C-3PO one-shot.  To read more about this cancellation, please read Star Wars: Rogue One Prequel Comic Cancelled.

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