Saturday, May 21, 2016

You have just taken your first step into a larger world.

Some may appreciate the scattershot approach I've taken to writing posts and others may find it messy and off-putting.  My blog approach is very similar to how I box my comics; I don't organize my collection except for what I put in a box.  When I gather roughly a box worth of comics, I'll go through the process of bagging, boarding, and boxing them.  A box may contain a mixture of different titles and I'll take the effort to organize the issues for those titles in that box only.  But this approach means that the comic titles are spread over a large number of boxes.  How I know what I have is through a Java application I wrote which tells me which issue is in which box.  Along the same vein, I have added two new tabs to this blog: U.S. Cover Gallery and Foreign Cover Gallery.  They are akin to the Java application for my collection; they will help spotlight the postings that are on this blog.

I've been wanting to add a cover gallery for a while now and a few times I experimented with how I want that cover gallery to look.  I thought the cover gallery could serve two purposes: 1) let visitors to this blog know which comics are written about and 2) let me know which comics already have a posting!  I'm approaching 350 postings and I've sat down a few times and start writing only to remember I already wrote about a particular comic.  Sometimes, I'll rework the new posting to differentiate it from the previous posting, but many times I start all over.  I'm hoping the cover gallery tabs are useful for those who come to this site.  When you click on a thumbnail on one of these pages, a larger picture of the comic is shown, and below that I will have a little information about the issue and links to postings I have on this site that mention the comic.  Let me know if you find this useful.  I will be taking some time in the next month or so to go through old postings and add those comics to the galleries.  As I add new postings, I will also add those comics to the galleries.  The eventual goal is those galleries will contain all the Star Wars comics in my collection.  And if someday I meet my impossible goal of having every Star Wars comic ever published around the world, the galleries will be complete!

You may have noticed the Trending tab is gone.  That was a hard decision to make as it was one of the most visited pages on this site.  The content on that tab was last updated over a year ago.  My goal is to re-introduce this tab at a later time, when I've rethought how I can keep up with the content on that tab.  Maybe instead of updating it with information monthly, I can update it every 3 months or 6 months.  Let me know if you have ideas about it.  I'll readdress the trending content after I'm done catching up the cover galleries.

One final thought, for those of you curious about my approach to writing posts.  I've never really wanted to just slap up the cover image of a comic without adding something interesting to go along with it.  There are times when I pretty much do just that, mostly in the interest of time and to keep the site fresh for frequent visitors.  Last month, I was sick and took this approach more than I would have liked.  But, I'm really keen on adding something interesting, so that constrains me at times.  Another constraint is only about 1/5th of my collection is scanned; I have over 150 short boxes of comics, with maybe 1/3 of them being Star Wars.  I have blog ideas for comics that I have yet to scan.  For example, I have every intention of continuing the Dark Horse Comics Year-by-Year postings, but right now I do not have the Dark Horse Comics title issues scanned, so I had to stop at 1992.  Eventually, I'll get those comics scanned and continue.  Even without scanning any more comics, I have plenty of comics scanned to write about.  I have every modern Marvel scanned along with hundreds of Dark Horse and foreign comics.  I know there is a large part of my audience waiting for those foreign comics postings and trust me when I say I have plenty to keep this blog going for years.

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