Thursday, June 23, 2016

Retro Foreign: Czech Star Wars (Hvězdné Války) Special Comics Trade Paperback

I want to correct a mistake a made a few weeks back.  A reader, thinkdoug, had asked me about this particular comic and what I felt it was worth.  At the time, I told him the interior contained Star Wars Annual #1.  Since writing that response, I have checked my copy and I was wrong.  The interior of this comic contains Star Wars #1 - 6.

Czechoslovakia was a Soviet bloc country from 1948 until 1990 when the Communist government was deposed in the peaceful Velvet Revolution.  in 1993, Czechoslovakia became the independent states of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.  The Star Wars or Hvězdné Války Special Comics Trade Paperback was published in 1992 during a year when Czechoslovakia was preparing for the split.

Star Wars (Hvězdné Války) Special Comics Trade Paperback - AGcomics, Czechoslovakia (1992)
contains Star Wars #1 - 6
The interior is printed in full color on paper stock that is equivalent to the original Marvel issues.  The comic is 108 pages and bound like a trade paperback.  The cover is the same as that used on Marvel's Star Wars #1 including the colors, but some of the text is replaced with Czech.  (The interior text is translated to Czech.)  In fact, the character box shows the 1977 Marvel Comics Group copyright and the back cover shows information about Marvel Comics.  Despite this, it was published by AGcomics and is almost certainly a bootleg comic.  At the time this was published, Dark Horse Comics had the Star Wars license in the United States.

This comic is not particularly rare, but in high grade I can see a copy fetching $30 or more from the right buyer.

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