Monday, July 4, 2016

Retro Foreign: Indonesian Sims: Ganjaran

Some of the original Star Wars stories in Indonesia were printed in multiple comics.  Sims: Ganjaran or Sims: The Rewards from publisher Yayasan Karya Bhakti Bandung features a non-Star Wars lead story titled Ganjaran suatu Kegagalan or The Rewards of a Failure.

Sims: Ganjaran a - Yayasan Karya Bhakti Bandung, Indonesia (1980s)
contains Star Wars: Planet Merah
The last story in this comic is a Star Wars tale titled Planet Merah or Red Planet.  It is the same content from the comic with the story's title.

Star Wars: Planet Merah a - Yayasan Karya Bhakti Bandung, Indonesia (1980s)
Since neither comic has a publishing date, it is not clear which is the earlier printing of the story.

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