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Retro Foreign: Swedish Månadens Äventyr #2 1985

Semic Press began publishing Star Wars for Swedish readers with translations of the Marvel Star Wars series in six Stjärnornas Krig albums or trade paperbacks from 1977 to 1983 followed by ten issues of a comic also titled Stjärnornas Krig from 1983 to 1985.  Starting in 1985 Star Wars was combined with another Lucasfilm property, Indiana Jones, in a comic titled Månadens Äventyr or This Month's Adventure.  For the seven issues published in 1985, Star Wars would alternate with Indiana Jones every other issue.  Each issue contains the equivalent of two U.S. comics.  1986 was more of the same with Star Wars and Indiana Jones alternating issues, but by year's end, Star Wars had taken over the title and throughout 1987 Star Wars was in every issue.  The title continued past the last issue, #12 1986, but it took a different direction and published DC heroes stories for Swedish readers.  It is interesting to point out that in Sweden series restart numbering from one every year, so issues are identified by combination of the number and year.

The final issue of Stjärnornas Krig #3 1985 contains Star Wars #73 and 74.  The first Star Wars issue of Månadens Äventyr, #2 1985, continues where Stjärnornas Krig left off and contains Star Wars #75 and 76.

Månadens Äventyr #2a - Semic Press, Sweden (1985)
contains Star Wars #75 and 76
The art used on the Månadens Äventyr covers is the same art used on the U.S. series with the exception of one issue.  The cover art for Swedish Månadens Äventyr #2 is from Star Wars #75.  The cover also has a blurb that reads Poster medföljer detta nummer! or Poster included with this issue!  The poster is attached to the centerfold.

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