Monday, September 12, 2016

Retro Foreign: Philippine Alemar's Star Wars #4

A very recent addition to my collection is the Alemar's Star Wars #4.  Prior to acquiring this copy, I had only ever seen one other copy and it was bound with the first 3 issues of the title in an aftermarket collection.  I have no doubt more copies exist, but for me, this was the most elusive issue of this title.

Star Wars #4a - Alemar's, Philippines (1980 - 1985?)
contains Star Wars #4
These Philippine Star Wars issues are slightly thinner than their U.S. counterparts, containing very few ads.  Star Wars #4 has only 4 ads: Shakey's on the inside front cover, Royal Spaghetti on the inside back cover, and Alemar's Bookstore on one interior page and the outside back cover.  This comic also contains the Star Warriors letter and the Bullpen Bulletins pages.  The Marvel address on the letter page has been replace with the Alemar's address.

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