Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Retro Foreign: Swedish Månadens Äventyr #12 1986

Swedish Månadens Äventyr usually contains two Indiana Jones or Star Wars stories inside.  Månadens Äventyr #12 1986 only contains the story from the doubled-sized Star Wars #92.

Månadens Äventyr #12a - Semic Press, Sweden (1986)
contains Star Wars #92
Unlike other Månadens Äventyr issues that focused on Star Wars, this comic contains a different cover than a U.S. issue.  The cover for Månadens Äventyr #12 1986 is actually the art from the 2nd panel on page 2.  Since this story is post-Return of the Jedi, Luke Skywalker is not actually facing off with Darth Vader; instead the confrontation is in a dream sequence.  The interior pencils are the earliest published Star Wars work by Jan Duursema, who is best known for her work on the Dark Horse Star War line, most notably Star Wars: Legacy.

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