Saturday, July 8, 2017

Almost Moved to Imgur

A few days back, I mentioned that all the Photobucket images were broken in this blog.  Photobucket decided to change the terms of their service without notifying me and for a mere $400 they were willing to fix the issue.  Since $400 is no small amount for a blog I make no money from, I decided to move all the images to Imgur.  Since I've been experiencing Photobucket issues on and off for over a year, I had already started using Imgur for newer images starting back on March 16th and have been very pleased with the service.  As one door shuts, a new door opens.

I'm happy to report that I only have about 200 more images to move to Imgur and this blog will be completely off Photobucket.  I've been fixing links in the postings as I go.  I expect to have all the images in the postings fixed in the next day or so.  But that will still leave the Cover Galleries with broken thumbnails.  I will start working on them next, but I'm not eager to tackle them with the same vigor I did the images in the postings.  I'm planning on taking up to a month to fix the thumbnails so I can get back to making frequent postings.  I apologize for the trickle of new postings the past few days, but I thought it was important to restore the existing postings first.

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