Thursday, September 17, 2015

Classic Cover Comparison: Star Wars #66 and Titans #67

Much of science fiction has its roots in the western genre and Star Wars is no different.  For example, Han Solo is the quintessential space cowboy and the cantina in Mos Eisley evokes images of saloons in many western stories.  Star Wars #7 has a decidedly western theme with Han and Chewbacca fighting to bury a cyborg in a cemetery named Spacer's Hill.  More famously, Star Wars #8 - 10 borrows the plot from Magnificent Seven, a classic American western film.  Star Wars #66 returns to Star Wars' space-western roots with an overtly western influenced story about Luke Skywalker helping a moisture farmer defend her ranch from thieves in a story aptly named Water Bandits.

Star Wars #66a - Marvel Comics, U.S. (December 1982)
The cover for Star Wars #66 is very similar to the splash page for that issue.  In the previous issue, Luke's X-Wing Fighter was damaged in an attack on the former Rebel base on the planet Golrath.  The rest of the alliance was able to make a jump to hyperspace, but Luke is forced to set down on the planet Beheboth to escape a squadron of TIE Fighters.  The cover shows Luke's X-Wing hidden in a cave while Luke looks on as a TIE patrol flies nearby.

Titans #67a - Editions Lug, France (August 1984)
Star Wars #66
Everything about the cover to Titans #67 is better except for one glaring mistake, Luke's X-Wing Fighter is not hidden in a cave!  The X-Wing Fighter appears to be out in the open where the TIE Fighters can easily detect it.  It is interesting to note that on both covers, Luke is wearing the white gloves used when flying the Snowspeeder on Hoth.  On the French cover, Luke has black boots instead of the white worn on the U.S. cover.  Additionally, the cover to Star Wars #66 shows 2 lizard-like creatures near Luke that are absent on the cover to Titans #67.  I like the yellow and orange color scheme to Titans #67 which makes the planet look more arid and thick with dust than the purple on Star Wars #66.

Overall, Star Wars #66 has one of my favorite covers in the original Marvel Star Wars title.

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