Thursday, September 10, 2015

Retro Foreign: Greek Il Grande Blek Tome #91 and 92

The weekly digest-sized anthology comic Μπλεκ in Greece was collected into tomes.  It is a standard practice in many foreign countries to rebind individual issues into collections for resale.

Μπλεκ ΤΟΜΟΣ #91a - Stelios Anemodoura, Greece (early 1980s)
contains Μπλεκ #65, 66, 67
Μπλεκ ΤΟΜΟΣ #92a - Stelios Anemodoura, Greece (early 1980s)
contains Μπλεκ #68, 69, 70
These particular collections consist of 3 complete Μπλεκ single issues, including covers, contained inside another outer cover.  The issues are glued to the outer cover at the spine.  It is common to find individual issues of Μπλεκ which have a very rough left edge.  These are most likely individual issues that were separated from these tomes.  If you notice, these tomes are numbered higher than the individual issues they contain.  This is because these collections span the 3 volumes of Μπλεκ that were published between 1969 and 1994.  Each volume restarted the number at 1 and these 2 tomes collect individual issues from the 3rd volume.

These covers have photos that have nothing to do with the content inside.  Μπλεκ ΤΟΜΟΣ #91 shows Nicholas Bradford from the Eight is Enough TV series and Μπλεκ ΤΟΜΟΣ #92 shows legendary soccer star Kevin Keegan wearing his Southampton uniform.  I love these issues because nothing on the cover indicates that there is a Star Wars comic inside!

These 2 tomes contain most of the Star Wars adaptation.  Presumably Μπλεκ ΤΟΜΟΣ #93 contains Μπλεκ #71 which has the final pages of Marvel Star Wars #6.  I will have to track that tome down so I can finally see how this whole Star Wars story ends!

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