Monday, September 7, 2015

Retro Marvel: Ewoks #10

For Marvel Comics cover dated November 1986, many of the covers sport a border featuring the main Marvel superheroes.  This border, which is the same on all the titles, was used to celebrate Marvel's 25th anniversary.  Not all titles from that month have the border including: mini-series, annuals, New Universe imprint titles, Epic imprint titles, and Marvel Fanfare.

The Star Comics imprint titles cover dated November 1986 have the border.  The main Star Wars title had ended 2 months earlier and Droids was being published bi-monthly alternating with Ewoks.  Ewoks #10 is the only Star Wars title published that month so it has the distinction of containing the Marvel 25th anniversary border.

Ewoks #10a - Marvel Comics, U.S. (November 1986)
Ewoks #10b - Marvel Comics, U.S. (November 1986)
Like all these issues with the border, the cover features the head of one of the main characters from the title.  It only makes sense that Wicket W. Warrick, arguably the best known Ewok, would be that title's representative on the cover.  Since the Ewoks comic is based on the cartoon, Wicket is drawn in the same style of the cartoon.  Interestingly, through all 14 issues of this title, his hood and cape are yellow whereas in the cartoon it is either orange/brown or green.

There were not as many Star Comics issues published in general when compared to Marvel's superhero titles.  For this reason, Ewoks issues are priced higher than many of the regular Star Wars title issues.  Ewoks #10 in NM condition usually sells for $10 - 15 on eBay.

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