Saturday, October 3, 2015

New Marvel Printings Announced

After a few months where Marvel only went back to print on Lando #1, Marvel has decided to reprint 12 of their Star Wars issues in November.

TitleIssuePrintingShip Date
Star Wars17th11/04/2015
Star Wars26th11/04/2015
Star Wars34th11/04/2015
Star Wars52nd11/04/2015
Star Wars63rd11/04/2015
Darth Vader15th11/11/2015
Darth Vader25th11/11/2015
Darth Vader34th11/11/2015
Darth Vader44th11/11/2015
Darth Vader52nd11/11/2015
Darth Vader62nd11/11/2015

Marvel must have decided these reprints will not impact the orders for the trade paperbacks that are forthcoming for the Star Wars and Darth Vader titles.  With The Force Awakens release only one month after these reprints are scheduled to ship, it does not hurt to have more Star Wars product available for potential readers.

I wonder what color they are going to use for the 7th printing of Star Wars #1.  They used green for the cover of the 6th printing which would be apropos for the 7th printing considering Marvel will most likely ship over 100,000 copies of reprints in the month of November.  Gold would be appropriate too.

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