Monday, October 26, 2015

Star Wars: Vader Down Sells Over 450,000 Copies

Bleeding Cool has reported that Star Wars: Vader Down has already sold over 450,000 copies.  Unfortunately, with the way the article is written, it is hard to tell if this is 450,000 copies for Star Wars: Vader Down #1 or 450,000 copies for the entire event.  I am guessing, based on the number of variants for Star Wars: Vader Down #1 that are showing up, the sales are for just that issue alone.

If this is true, this comic will be the second best selling Star Wars issue behind Star Wars #1 since Marvel reacquired the license.  Since Marvel does not have an adaptation for The Force Awakens planned for release with the movie (rumors are we will see an adaptation early next year), presumably because Disney is wanting to control what leaks out about the movie, Vader Down is going to have to serve as the surrogate.

Please read the article titled Star Wars: Vader Down Sells Over 450,000 - From MCM London Comic Con.

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