Sunday, October 18, 2015

Retro Foreign: British Star Wars Weekly #2

Star Wars Weekly #2 was published in the U.K. on February 15, 1978 and contains the second half of the content of the U.S. Star Wars #1.  The cover is the first of many unique covers that appears on the magazine sized Star Wars Weekly title.  The cover captures the attack on Luke Skywalker by the Tusken Raiders, or Sand People, on Tatooine.  Like many comics of the era, the cover does not exactly depict the scene as it occurs.  The cover declares FREE!!! Inside: Cut-Out T.I.E. Fighter! and includes a picture of the cut-out. 
Star Wars Weekly #2a - Marvel Comics, England (February 15, 1978)
contains second half of Star Wars #1
The drawing in the upper left hand corner is the same as Star Wars #1 with Luke and the two droids and adorns every cover until Star Wars Weekly #50 when it is replaced by a new image.  Interestingly, these images in the upper left hand corner are strategically placed on the cover based on how comics were displayed on the newsstand so potential readers could see what the comic contained without seeing the entire cover.  These images had been a staple of Marvel comic covers since 1963, but just as comics disappeared from the newsstand, these pictures in the upper left hand corner disappeared from the covers completely in the 1990s.

The back cover has the same Micronauts toy ad as Star Wars #1.  As promised in the previous issue, this issue contains a free enemy fighter cut-out.  The TIE Fighter cut-out is on an unattached insert card and is firing a laser.  If you compare it to the more intricate X-Wing Fighter cut-out, it makes sense they added the laser to give this toy more heft.

Star Wars Weekly #2a - Marvel Comics, England (February 15, 1978)
free insert
As you can see, the cut-out TIE Fighter has the wings incorrectly attached to the top and bottom of the cockpit pod instead of on the sides!

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