Monday, October 17, 2016

Modern Marvel: Star Wars #7 Kansas City Comic Con Exclusive

Many sites had a checklist for the avalanche of variants and exclusive that were released for Star Wars #1 in January 2015.  This was also true for Darth Vader #1 and Princess Leia #1.  By the time Star Wars #7 was released in July 2015, the continuous release of alternate covers became so commonplace, sites were no longer tracking these covers.  Marvel has even released variant covers that many collectors are not aware of like the Han Solo #1 Scholastic Club or the Poe Dameron #1 Calgary Expo exclusive covers.

I believe the Kansas City Comic Con exclusive falls into this category.  It was released without much fanfare and unless you happen to be actively following Marvel's Star Wars publications, it is one that I feel would be easy to miss.  None of these exclusives are shown on the Marvel Wookieepedia page for the respective comic; instead Wookieepedia show just the incentive variants that all Diamond accounts qualify for.

Star Wars #7g - Marvel Comics, U.S. (July 2015)
Kansas City Comic Con exclusive
The cover art is by Kevin Nowlan.  Since the art has nothing to do with the story content which is the first solo Obi-Wan Kenobi tale, I can only guess this is suppose to be Chewbacca carrying C-3PO from The Empire Strikes Back movie.  It is decent enough art, but like many of these Star Wars variant covers, there is nothing memorable about it.

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