Saturday, October 8, 2016

Speculation Spotlight: Sana Starros in Han Solo Movie?

A rumor from 2 months ago has been making the rounds again last week.  Lucasfilm is looking to cast a non-white female lead for the Han Solo movie.  Almost immediately, speculation began that this character is Sana Starros.  Sana first appeared in Star Wars #4 as an unnamed masked character who is searching for Han Solo.  She appears again, also unnamed and masked, in Star Wars #5.  Toward the end of issue #6, she confronts Han and Princess Leia and claims to be Sana Solo.  We learn in Star Wars #12 that Han and Sana were never really married, but the marriage was part of an elaborate ruse they concocted for a heist.

The earliest postings I could find concerning this rumor are from August 10th.  We Got This Covered published Han Solo Movie May Be Casting A Non-White Female Lead; Could It Be Sana Solo? and MovieWeb published Is Star Wars Han Solo Movie Casting Sana Solo?  Many of the articles since then have pointed out this rumor, no doubt picking up this tidbit from the original articles.  It is pretty typical for these movie sites to borrow rumors from one another, unfortunately leaving their sources uncited.  As of yet, this is just speculation however as no official word has come from Lucasfilm.

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