Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Retro Foreign: Hebrew Star Wars #1

Kevin Comics was started by Kevin Picker, an immigrant to Israel from South Africa, who acquired the rights to publish both Marvel and DC comics.  From January 1986 to December 1986, Kevin Comics published מלחמת הכוכבים or Star Wars in Hebrew.  Lasting only 6 issues, these 36 page full color comics contain 2 issues of the Marvel Star Wars series starting with issue #7 and ending with issue #18.  There is a 7th issue that contains a compilation of these comics.  The art is a mirror image of the U.S. editions since Hebrew is read from right to left.

Star Wars #1a - Kevin Comics, Israel (January 1986)
contains Star Wars #7 and 8
Interestingly by 1986 the branding for products was using "Star Wars" written in English in many foreign countries, but this comic covers shows the title in Hebrew.

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