Tuesday, November 1, 2016

First Appearance: Sana Starros

One of the more popular and enduring characters introduced in the inaugural year of Marvel's new Star Wars line is Sana Starros.  In Star Wars #4 Sana first appears in Mos Eisley as an unnamed masked character who is confronted by a Rodian gang who hears she is offering a reward for finding Han Solo.  The Rodian gang quickly learn she is not an easy mark and, after Sana cripples the group, the gang's leader reluctantly confesses:

Rodian Gang Leader: Solo isn't on Tatooine.  He fled off-world, after ambushing and murdering one of our brother Rodians named Greedo.  Nobody knows where the coward is hiding.  trust me, if Solo was still around here ... he'd be dead already.
Sana Starros: Yeah, I'm sure he would be.  You're certainly a fearsome lot.  I imagine I won't sleep right for weeks.
Rodian Gang Leader: Wait ... we helped you.  What about the reward?
Sana Starros: You're alive aren't you?  But if you're hoping to stay that way, best remember one thing, boys ... Han Solo belongs to me.

Star Wars #4a - Marvel Comics, U.S. (April 2015)
1st Sana Starros (3 pages - unnamed and masked)
In Star Wars #5 Han and Princess Leia are in the Moddell Sector searching for a suitable Rebel base in the Outer Rim.  Using a stolen Imperial Shuttle they are confronted by Imperial starships, but Han decides to flee and takes Leia to an uncharted planet that Han and Chewbacca use as a hideout nearby in the Monsua Nebula.  A probe Sana placed in orbit signals her and she flies her starship, the Volt Cobra, to the remote planet.  Sana is still unnamed and masked in this issue.

Star Wars #5a - Marvel Comics, U.S. (May 2015)
2nd Sana Starros (1 page - unnamed and masked)
In Star Wars #6 Han and Leia are hiding out from the Imperials on the planet when the Volt Cobra lands.  Princess Leia wonders out loud:

Princess Leia: Han, who is it?  Who's found us?
Sana Starros: Why bother asking him?  He'd just lie.  It's the only thing he's ever been good at.  I should know.  The name is Sana Solo.  I'm his wife.

As Sana Starros descends from her starship, she is now unmasked.

Star Wars #6a - Marvel Comics, U.S. (June 2015)
3rd Sana Starros (2 pages - claims to be Sana Solo)
Sana Starros appears next in Star Wars #8 and she makes her cover debut in Star Wars #9.  She is still proclaiming to be Han Solo's wife.

Star Wars #9a - Marvel Comics, U.S. (September 2015)
1st Sana Starros cover
In Star Wars #12 it is revealed that Han and Sana were never really married, but the marriage was part of an elaborate ruse they concocted for a heist.

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