Monday, November 14, 2016

Retro Foreign: Greek SUPER ΜΠΟΫ #29

SUPER ΜΠΟΫ is an anthology title that began publication in 1983 and ran for 88 issues.  The publisher is Theofanis Pangalos and the format is the same as the title Μπλεκ which printed Star Wars #1 - 6.  The title SUPER ΜΠΟΫ translates into English as Super Boy.

The Return of the Jedi comic adaptation is translated to Greek starting with SUPER ΜΠΟΫ #29.  This issue only contains the first 3 pages of Return of the Jedi and also features a Star Wars cover.  The cover is a cropped image from the Marvel Special Edition Featuring Star Wars #1.  Only 3 issues of SUPER ΜΠΟΫ contain Star Wars comic covers: #29, 33, and 41.

SUPER ΜΠΟΫ #29a - Theofanis Pangalos, Greece (1983 or 1984)
first 3 pages of Return of the Jedi
Interestingly, I'm unaware of a published Greek translation of The Empire Strikes Back adaptation.  If anyone knows definitively if that movie was translated for Greek comic readers, please let me know.

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