Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Retro Dark Horse: Star Wars: Legacy - War

When Legacy started in June 2006, there were a few skeptical fans.  By the end of Broken, the first story arc, John Ostrander and Jan Duursema had quieted the skeptics and the comic was receiving great reviews.  It also built a passionate following and when Dark Horse announced the end of this title in the solicitation for Star Wars: Legacy #50 in April 2010 there were more than a few upset fans.  For many, Legacy was the best Star Wars title being published at the time!

Fast forward to August 2010 when Legacy #50 was released and more than a few fans must have been shaking their heads.  This comic did wrap up a couple of threads including the resolution of the hunt for Vul Isen and the freeing of Princess Marasiah Fel, but it was not a satisfying conclusion by any means.  The resurrected Darth Krayt was disease free and more powerful than ever and Cade Skywalker had a vision of a final confrontation with Darth Krayt.  Thankfully for fans (how's that for tying this into Thanksgiving?) Dark Horse released a 6-part mini-series, Star Wars: Legacy - War, which allowed Ostrander and Duursema to wrap up their tale.

Star Wars: Legacy - War #1a (December 2010)
Star Wars: Legacy - War #2a (January 2011)
Star Wars: Legacy - War #3a (February 2011)
Star Wars: Legacy - War #4a (March 2011)
Star Wars: Legacy - War #5a (April 2011)
Star Wars: Legacy - War #6a (May 2011)
Legacy - War does a good job of finishing the story without feeling rushed.  It is clear that there was more Ostrander and Duursema could do with the myriad of characters and situations they had created, but as far as endings go, this is a pretty satisfying conclusion.  It maintains the same quality of writing and artwork as the ongoing Legacy title which is not always the case for a comic conceived like this one was.  I highly recommend both Legacy and Legacy - War to any devoted Star Wars fan.

John Ostrander and Jan Duursema were nexted tapped to build an equally rich Star Wars tapestry with the Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi series.  Unfortunately, that series did not run long enough to live up to its potential.  I like to think Dark Horse realized their mistake of ending Legacy prematurely when they launched Legacy II in 2013.  Unfortunately for Dark Horse, Marvel was awarded the license for Star Wars comics less than a year later in January 2014.  Legacy II ends with with 18th issue in August 2014 and Marvel assumes publishing Star Wars comics in January 2015.

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