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Classic Cover Comparison: Star Wars #9 and Clásicos del Cine #304

The cover for Star Wars #9 is notable for depicting Jaxxon and Amaiza differently than in the comic.  Jaxxon is shown in the story wearing a red uniform with a white collar, gloves, and boots.  He is modestly clothed from neck to toe.  The cover shows a Jaxxon that appears to be wearing no clothes.  Only his right arm and head are shown but it is clear he is not wearing a shirt nor does he have his gloves.  The white haired Amaiza on the other hand is immodestly dressed inside the comic and would be right at home in a western saloon entertaining men.  On the cover, her hair is colored grey and instead of seeing flesh at her midriff, it is colored to appear like she is wearing a shirt or dress instead of just a brazier.  The grey hair makes Amaiza appear older, although she looks roughly the same age as Han Solo in the story.  Differences like these occur all the time in comic books; many times the cover artist is not the interior artist and does not have reference material or is working from rough outlines of characters.

Star Wars #9a - Marvel Comics, U.S. (March 1978)
More of the artwork is shown on the cover of Clásicos del Cine #304.  Jaxxon's torso is revealed, disassociating him even more from his depiction inside.  We also see more of Chewbacca's arm and rifle.  Finally, not obvious on the U.S. cover, near Chewbacca is the head of the Starkiller Kid's droid companion Effie.  Looking at this cover, it isn't clear exactly how Chewbacca and Effie are situated and it looks like Chewbacca has a stranglehold on the droid or his arm is passing through the droid's torso.

Clásicos del Cine #304a - Editorial Novaro, Mexico (October 1979)
contains Star Wars #9 and 10
It is cool to see more of the cover on the Mexican edition, although it makes sense why Marvel cropped the art for the U.S. edition.  The cropped version effectively removes the problems with Chewbacca and Effie's placement and also covers up the shirtless Jaxxon.  An additional benefit of the close-up is the action taking place in the sky above the heroes makes it more likely that Han Solo is firing at other Cloud-Riders that are just out of view versus being a poor shot.

Side-by-side comparison

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