Saturday, January 14, 2017

Retro Foreign: Spanish la Guerra de las Galaxias #1 and 2 (Editorial Bruguera)

Editorial Bruguera published 5 collections, with the first 2 volumes containing 3 issues each of the Star Wars movie adaptation.  Not as large as the Marvel Special Edition Featuring Star Wars treasuries but still larger than the average comic book, the 2 collections contain the same cover art as the first 2 treasuries.

la Guerra de las Galaxias 1a - Editorial Bruguera, Spain (1978)
contains Star Wars #1 - 3
The cover for the first issue exclaims La Mas Fantastica Aventura Espacial De Todos Los Tiempos or The Most Fantastic Space Adventure of All Times.  Despite a slightly smaller size, the Spanish edition of the cover actually shows slightly more of the artwork.  It is clear Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia are standing on an outcrop an the top of Darth Vader's helmet is not covered.

la Guerra de las Galaxias #2a - Editorial Bruguera, Spain (1978)
contains Star Wars #4 - 6
The cover for the second issue contains a blurb that reads ¡La Mayor Fantasia Espacial Jamas Creada! or The Greatest Space Fantasy Ever Created!  Like the first issue, the artwork on the cover is cropped different, so more art on the edges can be seen.

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